Waikato District Council

"We were very surprised to see that this level of support and genuine care still exists in an industry where there is so much pressure on mass consumerism. Our other vendors would have pressured us to replace or upgrade. We are a small company, very far away, and we don't get this kind of support from the big players who are in our town." Gund W. (Waikato District Council, New Zealand)

AKCP provides companies with more than just world class environmental monitoring products.  We provide you with peace of mind. In situations where customized solutions are being implemented it is important to know not only what you are dealing with, but also who you are dealing with.  AKCP provides prompt, professional support on all our products.  Whether you need assistance with a sensor, a base unit, or a software feature, AKCP guarantees lifetime technical support on all our products. It goes to show that with AKCP “genuine care still exists…”